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You Deserve More: A Single Woman's Guide to Marriage Do You Believe that You Deserve To Be Married? You are God’s most precious gift to mankind and without question you deserve to be married. If you believe this to... Buy Now ▸

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Ask Dr. Buckingham - How Do You Fight for Love When Nothing is Left? Hello Dr. Buckingham, I am a very concerned wife who is fearful that my family and marriage is going straight down the drain! I feel my husband has no respect for me anymore. He is constantly making decisions without communicating... Read More ▸

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University of Unconditional Love™ Membership Program Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or searching for your soul mate, the desire to be loved unconditionally is an underlying motive that ignites most of your thoughts, emotions and actions. With this in mind, the University of Unconditional Love... Learn More ▸

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As Seen On:
The Best Life Coach I Have Ever Worked With

Dr. Dwayne is the best life coach that I have ever worked with. He helped me learn things about myself that other life coaches did not notice or address. I look forward to my coaching sessions because I learn so much about myself and relationships.

Lanette Satisfied Client
Dr. Buckingham is a Dynamic Speaker

Dr. Buckingham is a very dynamic speaker who leaves audiences wanting more. He delivered a heartfelt speech entitled, "When the Healer is Wounded" to 150 chaplains during our 7th Annual Interagency Chaplains Training Symposium at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.  

Melody Goodwin Retired Commander, United States Navy
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